Sheep antibody to human proNGF: whole serum
Sheep antibody to human proNGF: whole serum

Sheep antibody to human proNGF: whole serum


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Supplier: Biosensis
Catalog No#: S-080-100
Product Name: Sheep antibody to human proNGF: whole serum
Alternative Name: pro-brain nerve growth factor; proNGF; NGF;
Product Type: Polyclonal Antibody
Description: Nerve growth factor (NGF) is synthesized as a precursor (proNGF) which may be released and have physiological functions to cause cell death. It binds neurotrophin receptor p75 and sortilin and may also be important for the development of nervous system. proNGF is synthesized in target tissues and glia, transported retrogradely and may be released. This antibody is raised in sheep to detect the prodomain of NGF not the mature peptide.
Size: 100 uL
Host: Sheep
Isotype: Mixed
Applications: WB; IHC, Frozen; IF, Frozen; ELISA; Neut, Neutralizing
Recommended Dilutions: IHC, Immunofluorescence, ELISA, Western Blot, biological neutralization of proNGF. Biosensis recommends optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.
Clone Name:
Formation: Lyophilized
Immunogen: The recombinant prodomain fragment of human nerve growth factor
Purity: Whole serum
Reconstitution: Reconstitute in 100 µL of sterile water. Centrifuge to remove any insoluble material.
Species Reactivity: Human; Mouse; Rat
Specification: The specificity of this antibody has been confirmed by WB. It does NOT crossreact with proBDNF, proNT-3 or mature NGF. | Confirmed to react with purified human proNGF and crossreact with mouse and rat proNGF
Shipping Conditions: 25°C (Ambient)
Storage Conditions: Maintain lyophilized antibody at 2-8 °C for up to 12 months after date of receipt. After reconstitution keep undiluted aliquots at -20 °C for up to 6 months for higher stability or at 2-8 °C with an appropriate antibacterial agent. Glycerol (1:1) may be added for additional stability. Avoid repetitive freeze/thaw cycles.
Expiration Date: 12 months after purchase (lyophilized)
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