Figure 1: Western blot analysis using C-kit mouse mAb against truncated C-kit recombinant protein.

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to C-Kit


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Supplier: ProMab Technologies
Type of Product: Monoclonal Antibody
Description: C-kit (CD117, 145kDa) functions as a tyrosine kinase receptor which becomes activated upon binding of its ligand SCF (stem-cell factor), the C-kit gene encodes the human homolog of the proto-oncogene c-kit. which was first identified as the cellular homolog of the feline sarcoma viral oncogene v-kit. KIT is a type 3 transmembrane receptor for MGF (mast cell growth factor). Mutations in KIT are associated with gastrointestinal stromal tumors, mast cell disease, acute myelogenous lukemia, and piebaldism.
Application: ELISA: 1/10000; WB: 1/500 - 1/2000; IHC: 1/200 - 1/1000
Size: 100 ul, 1mg/ml
Species Reactivity: Human
Clone: 8D7;
Isotype: Mouse IgG1
Immunogen: Purified recombinant fragment of C-kit expressed in E. Coli.
Formulation: Ascitic fluid containing 0.03% sodium azide.
MW: 145kDa
Storage: 4C; -20C for long term storage
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Reference: 1. Mojica WD et.alHistopathology. 2005 Nov;47(5):517-22. ; 2. Tong WD et.alInt J Colorectal Dis. 2005 Jul;20(4):363-7. Epub 2005 Feb 2. ; 3. Nakai Y et.alBiochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Nov 11;337(1):289-96. ; ;

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