QuantiFluo™ Protein Assay Kit

QuantiFluo™ Protein Assay Kit


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Supplier: BioAssay Systems

Product Type: Bioassay kit

Product Description: Quantitative determination of total protein by fluorimetry at 360/450nm (compatible with handheld fluorimeter catalog # FL360450). Procedure: 10 min. Kit size: 200 tests. Detection limit: 50 ng/mL. Shelf life: 6 months. Shipping: RT; storage: -20°C.

Test Size: 200

Storage Condition: 4, -20°C

Shipping Condition: RT

Product Link: https://www.bioassaysys.com/Protein-Assay-Kit-(GFPR-200).html

Product Datasheet: https://www.bioassaysys.com/Datasheet/QFPR.pdf