Figure 1: Confocal immunofluorescence analysis of methanol-fixed BCBL-1 (left) and L1210 (right) cells using CD37 mouse mAb(green), showing membrane localization. Blue: DRAQ5 fluorescent DNA dye.

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to CD37


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Supplier: ProMab Technologies
Type of Product: Monoclonal Antibody
Description: CD37, also known as GP52-40, TSPAN26, MGC120234. Enterz Protein NP_001035120. It is a member of the transmembrane 4 superfamily, also known as the tetraspanin family. Most of these members are cell-surface proteins that are characterized by the presence of four hydrophobic domains. The proteins mediate signal transduction events that play a role in the regulation of cell development, activation, growth and motility. This encoded protein is a cell surface glycoprotein that is known to complex with integrins and other transmembrane 4 superfamily proteins. It may play a role in T-cell-B-cell interactions. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms.
Application: ELISA: 1/10000; ICC: 1/200 - 1/1000
Size: 100 ul, 1mg/ml
Species Reactivity: Human, Mouse
Clone: 2B8;
Isotype: Mouse IgG1
Immunogen: Purified recombinant fragment of CD37 expressed in E. Coli. ;
Formulation: Ascitic fluid containing 0.03% sodium azide.
MW: 31.7kDa
Storage: 4C; -20C for long term storage
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Reference: 1. J Immunol. 2004 Mar 1;172(5):2953-61. ; 2. J Immunol. 2007 Jan 1;178(1):154-62.

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