EnzyChrom™ Citrate Assay Kit

EnzyChrom™ Citrate Assay Kit


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Supplier: BioAssay Systems

Product Type: Bioassay Kit

Product Descriptions: For quantitative determination of citrate or citric acid and evaluation of drug effects on citrate metabolism.
Method: OD570nm, or FL530/585nm.
Samples: serum, plasma, agriculture etc.
Species: all.
Procedure: 20 min.
Size: 100 tests.
Detection limit: OD, FL: 4, 0.5 ?M.

Test Size: 100

Storage: -20 °C

Shipping: ICE

Product URL: https://www.bioassaysys.com/Citrate-Assay-Kit.html

Datasheet: https://www.bioassaysys.com/datasheet/ECIT.pdf